eLearning for Everyone!

We have 26 training courses in selling and basic business skills.

Sales Leadership

Courses for sales leadership in the hospitality industry.

Sales Skills
Personal Development

Courses for sales people in the
hospitality industry.

Customer Communications

Courses for sales people in the hospitality industry.

You can take the courses on-line or on CD-ROM. The courses are interactive, can be run in audio and/or text modes, and have tests to measure your progress.

If you are a new user and want to take a course, you can use a credit card to pay in advance for each course you take.

Before you purchase a course, you can see a complete description of the course and a preview of one section in the course.

You only pay for the courses you take. There are no setup fees or minimum charges.

Your progress data are saved at this site. You can see your status at any time, and you can exit a course and return where you left off.

Master Connection Associates, MCA, is an international training and development company dedicated to helping organizations improve bottom-line results.

Combining experience and commitment, MCA has developed training that increase sales, improve employee productivity, motivate managers, instill confidence and ignite the fire in your entire organization.

After participating in MCA training, your employees and managers will be able to integrate their knowledge immediately, bringing you greater success.

MCA has become a worldwide leader in helping companies improve in sales, management and customer service.

Master Connection Associates (MCA) eLearning works!

A client proved the benefit of utilizing MCA elearning. They found that their sales staff utilizing 5 or more of the MCA sales elearning modules sales results were 55% higher than the sales staff that had taken 1 or none since 2003!

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